Reference AV-T0160 [PY-A-7886] UPC:819024016610

Air Venturi Medusa Airgun Target


Air Venturi Medusa Airgun Target

  • Interactive auto-rotating targets, (2.1" target diameter)
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Durable metal frame and targets
  • Shoot paddles, then shoot reverse again to reset the target
  • Steel arms and legs
  • Magnets housed in the arms reduce paddle bounce back
  • Assembly required
  • Suitable for use indoor and outdoors
  • For .177 caliber lead pellets and low ricochet lead BBs only
  • Minimum distance: 10 yards with .177-caliber/600 FPS airguns
  • Weight 3.85 lbs

Do you have what it takes to defeat Medusa? 

Conquer this spinning target and become an airgun legend! With 9 spinning targets, defeating Medusa is difficult quest indeed. With targets only 2.1" wide, this target presents a formidable challenge for shooters of all skill levels. The most epic feature you ask? You can reset its targets without leaving the bench! Just shoot the reverse side of the paddle, and it snaps back to its original position.

As you shoot the paddles, you set in motion the target's spindly arms. Wait until they stop turning--or jump back in and shoot the spinning targets! Only the greatest champion among you can shoot all 9 paddles as they turn around the axis! Defeat this Gorgon menace and free your backyard range of its tyranny!

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AV-T0160 [PY-A-7886] UPC:819024016610

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