Micro Reg™ GEN2 (42" Braided Air Line)

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Upon the debut of the inaugural Micro Regulator™, it swiftly garnered acclaim by seamlessly merging ultra-compact dimensions with the performance prowess akin to regulators twice its size. Embarking on the second iteration of this regulator, we've streamlined the manufacturing process and maintenance protocols, all the while upholding its diminutive form factor.

With the regulator body only marginally surpassing the original's height by a mere 0.006 inches, the Micro Reg™ GEN2 stands proudly at just over 2.25 inches in stature. This compactness surpasses even that of a traditional UFA. Through this refined, unobtrusive design, the regulator seamlessly accommodates tanks into compact packs, catering to the preferences of minimalist loadouts. This engineering feat maintains an unwavering performance standard, as evidenced by the regulator's lightning-fast recharge rate, rivaling its larger counterpart, the MRS™.


Min Output Pressure 40 PSI
Max Output Pressure 130 PSI  (~200 PSI with HP Spring, p/n 10000692)*
Max Input Pressure 900 PSI
Outputs 2x 1/8 NPT
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited Warranty

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