Umarex Notos .22 Carbine

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The Umarex Notos .22 Carbine is an air rifle produced by Umarex, a well-known manufacturer of airguns and airsoft products. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can provide some general information about this air rifle, but please note that specific features and details may vary based on the model and any updates made by the manufacturer. Here are some key features and specifications commonly associated with the Umarex Notos .22 Carbine:

  1. Caliber: The Umarex Notos is typically chambered for .22 caliber pellets, which are larger and heavier compared to .177 pellets. This caliber is suitable for various purposes, including pest control and target shooting.

  2. Break-Barrel Action: The Notos is often a break-barrel air rifle, meaning the barrel is hinged at the receiver and can be manually cocked by breaking it downward to load a pellet.

  3. Sights: Depending on the model, the Notos may come with open sights, such as front and rear fiber-optic sights, which are useful for shooting without optics.

  4. Optics Compatibility: The rifle may include a dovetail or Picatinny/Weaver rail for mounting optical accessories like scopes or red dot sights to enhance accuracy for target shooting.

  5. Stock Design: The stock of the Notos is typically designed to be ergonomic and may feature a textured grip and forearm for better control. The stock design can vary based on the model.

  6. Safety Mechanism: Like all air rifles, the Notos is equipped with safety mechanisms to prevent accidental discharges.

  7. Barrel Length: The length of the barrel can affect accuracy and muzzle velocity and may vary between models.

  8. Adjustable Trigger: Some versions of the Notos may have an adjustable trigger, allowing users to customize the trigger pull to their preference for improved accuracy.

  9. Power Source: The Notos is usually powered by a spring-piston mechanism, where a spring compresses air to propel the pellet when the rifle is cocked and fired.

  10. Sound Moderation: Depending on the model, the Notos may have built-in sound moderation or a suppressor to reduce the noise generated when firing, making it quieter for backyard shooting or pest control.

  11. Weight: The weight of the Notos can vary depending on the model and features.

  12. Capacity: Most break-barrel air rifles, including the Notos, are single-shot rifles, meaning they require manual reloading after each shot.

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