Bushbuck 45 caliber Carbine Laminate

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  1. Rigid Platform: The Bushbuck 45 Carbine is built on a rigid platform, ensuring stability and precision in shooting.

  2. Solid One-Piece Receiver: The receiver and Picatinny scope rail are milled from aircraft-grade aluminum. This construction allows for proper scope-to-eye alignment and a comfortable cheek weld on the stock.

  3. Air Cylinder: The air cylinder is made of steel, providing both rigidity and a secure anchor for the high-quality .452 caliber barrel.

  4. High-Quality Barrel: The rifle features a .452 caliber barrel with a special twist rate designed to stabilize both short and long bullets in flight. Accuracy testing at 250 yards has reportedly yielded excellent results.

  5. Power and Shot Count: The Bushbuck 45 Carbine offers high power, with two full-power shots exceeding 500 foot-pounds of energy on high power and four shots delivering 300 foot-pounds of energy on low power. The fill pressures are specified at 4500 psi (High) and 3000 psi (Low).

  6. Cocking and Loading: Cocking and loading the rifle are described as being done simultaneously, with ample space provided for extra-long bullets.

  7. Trigger: The rifle is equipped with a solid trigger unit that breaks very cleanly at around 3 pounds, enhancing shot control and accuracy.

  8. Stock: The rifle features a high-quality U.S.-made laminate stock. The stock includes laser-engraved stippling on the pistol grip and forend for added visual appeal. It also includes dual sling studs in the fore end for attaching a bipod and carry sling.

  9. Versatility: The Bushbuck 45 Carbine is designed to handle North American game and most non-dangerous African game. Additionally, it is suitable for competing in long-range target shooting events.

  10. Made in the USA: The rifle is proudly labeled as 100% made in the USA, which may be an important consideration for some buyers.

This description highlights the Bushbuck 45 Carbine's potential as a high-performance and versatile air rifle for various shooting applications. As with any firearm or air rifle, it's crucial to adhere to safety guidelines and regulations when using the weapon. Additionally, please consult the manufacturer's official documentation for precise specifications and details about this specific model.

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